What is advantage of destop application in php

about DEstop Application There are a number of benefits to desktop development, from technical advantages to fundamental benefits. Here are some reasons why you should be developing desktop applications. There are a number of basic technical advantages to desktop-based applications. They can interact with the local filesystem, allowing settings to be saved on the user’s computer, files to be retrieved and manipulated, databases to be stored and so on. They generally integrate with the GUI toolkit of the operating system, providing a UI style that the user is familiar with – users are still getting used to the web application interfaces of our web 2.0 applications. And finally, they use consistent interfaces, unlike the hope-for-the-best approach to writing HTML, allowing for complex UI elements.

fundamental of php destop application PHP has been conventionally used for development of web applications. Though it may sound a bit unthinkable, it is now very much possible to develop cro…

About desktop application

Definition of: desktop application (1) An application that runs stand-alone in adesktop or laptop computer. Contrast with "Web-based application," which requires the Web browser to run. The term may be used to contrast desktop applicationswith mobile applications that run in smartphonWeb-basedes and tablets.


To create wishlist.php and test the application: Inside the "wishlist" project you created, click the right mouse button on the Source files node and from the context menu choose New > PHP W